Snuggie Wizard Sings The Blues


unless you’re fictional i do not care about your drama

What if it’s all of you that are fictional and I’m the only one that really exists? If I die do you all disappear? I’ll try not to die.

GTA Time

Just got home with my copy of GTA V. I’ll see you guys in about a week.

I dream of a world run by Muppets.

I can’t start a brand new season of a show I like without first re-watching every episode leading up to that point. It is both wonderful and maddening at the same time. 



Heart in a Hanky- Wembley

Wembley is my spirit fraggle.

Is that a thing?

It is.


So I work at a photo lab and an elderly woman came up to pay and after each transaction I have I ask, “can I help you find anything else today?” She responded with, “A million bucks.” The elderly man behind her said, “Ma’am, if you want a million bucks, just look in the mirror.” Her jaw dropped and she was completely smitten.

This man is at least 80 years old and his pussy game is immortal.

Conversation with my mother
My mom called me over to change the air conditioner filter in her house. This is a bit of the conversation we had while I worked:
Me: I've been trying to find a king size bed tent. That I can put on my bed, you know, like camping indoors. You remember that Transformers bed tent I had when I was a kid?
Mom: I don't remember, but why would you want one?
Me: I dunno. I have fond memories of mine. I just like sleeping in confined spaces. Especially if I can find a way to keep it really cool on the inside. Remember, I used to sleep in the walk-in?
Mom: Well, that makes sense. You used to sleep in my hope chest.
Me: Huh..?
Mom: Yeah. For maybe a year you would come into my room if you had trouble sleeping at night and just climb in and close the lid behind you.
Me: *laughing* When was this?
Mom: I don't know, you were just a baby. It was when we lived at Shadetree. The first time.
Me: *still laughing* Jeez, that might explain some things.
Mom: You used to eat dirt, too.
Me: ...what the fuck, Mom?

The League

The League

Christopher Lloyd as Jim Ignatowski from Taxi.

One of my earliest role models.

Rhymenoceros & Hiphopopotamus
Flight of the Conchords

Rhymenoceros & Hiphopopotamus

Flight of the Conchords

From the Season 3 Gag Reel


98 days and 11 hours until Winter is here. The Snuggie Wizard wants out…